Audio books: My New Obsession!

For some reason, I have always thought audio books aren’t for me. I’m not sure why. I guess maybe because in middle tumblr_static_eleanorpark_thumbschool/high school I never preferred to be read to; I always would read ahead. If someone is reading something aloud, I would much prefer to have a copy in front of me. So I just assumed I wouldn’t like audio books. Lately I’ve been reading like crazy every chance I get. Then I thought about audio books and the car. I don’t drive a LOT, but daily I’m driving to and from work and just listening to the radio, so I decided to give audio books a shot. I checked out Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell at the library and I. LOVED. IT. Not just the book–it’s amazing–IfIStaybut the listening experience. I listened to it in less than 2 weeks (and I checked it out a week before I went back to work, so I wasn’t even driving every day). I am definitely a Rainbow Rowell fan now and want to read Fangirl next!

As soon as I finished Eleanor and Park, I immediately went to the library to check out another, and now I’m listening to If I
by Gayle Forman. So far, it’s absolutely heartbreaking, but I really like it.

I’m now an audio book listener. I will always have an audio book to listen to in the car from now on!