Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

chainsI just finished Chains a couple of days ago. It’s set during the Revolutionary War and is about Isabel, a 13 year old slave who gets sold with her little sister to a horrible British Loyalist family in New York. She meets Curzon, another slave, who encourages her to spy on her masters and tell him information that can help the Patriots. Lots of sad things happen to Isabel “Sal” and her sister, but Sal is a fighter and is not going to give up (which sets up the ending for the next book in the series). This book has a lot of action, but it was slow for me in a couple of spots. I do think it’d be a great book to use to teach the Revolutionary War. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I’m undecided if I’ll read the next book in the series, Forge. I’ve read other books by Anderson and really love her writing, but this isn’t cvr9781416961451_9781416961451_lgmy favorite of hers. Ashes, the third book in the series is supposed to be released in 2016.


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